Teachers Who Thrive On Change

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of working with a teacher and one of her students on learning technology for the classroom. Our teacher in this story is well into her 50s and a couple of years away from retirement. Yet, she was wanting to learn more about tech integration.

She readily admitted that she was not the most savvy tech person, but that is why she had a student with her. Her student could help her along and teach her the tech when I wasn’t there. This situation really touched me on several levels. The bond between student and teacher. The desire to learn and improve. The push for constantly seeking improvement through change in methodology was the most impressive.

Why can’t more teachers look at their evolution in the same manner? Why not see the changing world around them as an opportunity to try something new? I have seen some teachers a third her age who are rigid and inflexible. Why? 

As I stated in an earlier blog post, change is uncomfortable. How might we ease into change and embrace the opportunity that may present itself to us?


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