Creating the Solutions-Reflecting on a George Couros Post

George Couros’ post from yesterday about finding problems and creating solutions has me thinking about professional development this morning. Far too often, PD is a prescribed “sit and get” lecture with minimal interaction. I have been guilty of facilitating this style of PD, but what if this changed?

Couros suggested asking a question like, “What are some practices in education which need to change?” When answers are provided in advance, utilize those answers to drive towards solutions in the general session. Waiting for solutions to happen without taking action is akin to waiting for money to grow on trees. It will not happen.

So, what about PD? The same principle applies here. What if teachers are allowed to identify their weaknesses and then work together to drive solutions? By interacting and engaging with one another, they initiate the change which is desperately needed. Within my district, this could be what is needed to empower teachers to take back control from the “one-size fits all” approach to PD and growth. I also see this improving the perception of what curriculum is and what curriculum can become with this mindset.


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