Question of the Week

Change is a Process

With the state testing and school year winding down, I wanted to reflect upon how things are going. Teachers are notorious for their “armchair quarterbacking” skills. “If the principal had only done this, or had the curriculum team done this…” You know what I am talking about.  How many missed opportunities for change did you allow to fly by? How many second chances did you get to make an impact? More important, how many second chances did you grant someone to make an impact?

As I reflect upon this year in my new position, I am keeping mental notes of the successes and challenges I need to improve upon for the next year. However, I am reflecting upon the opportunities I had and judging whether or not I was able to capitalize upon them. I am thankful to take up the many challenges this year, both personally and professionally. Moving into a new house, taking on a new job, having my parents move in with my family, driving a textbook review and purchase for elementary schools, co-leading #EdCampSTL (made especially difficult on the day of when I was sick), facilitating a design thinking challenge, continuing work on my doctorate, being a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, an uncle, a colleague, a teacher…being a friend…Seems overwhelming when looking at these roles, but those things mean nothing, unless I have invested myself wholly into those roles to make a difference in the lives of those folks I encounter.

I cannot be the same person I was as a 20-year old college kid. To be perfectly honest, I don’t care for that person. I cannot be the same teacher I was in 1999, fresh out of college. My methods are obsolete. I am not the same person Julie Stafford married on November 12, 2005. I have evolved. I have changed (mostly for the better). We cannot be stagnant in our development and hope everyone conforms to us. Instead, we need to be the agents of change in the world. For me, this starts as an educator. So I ask the following of you as teachers and school leaders:

“How are you being the change in your school or district?”

Leave me some comments and let’s continue the conversation.


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